Cardboard Collection

In this day in age it is important to dispose of you waste correctly and ensure you have the correct documentation to show you have disposed of it responsibly. Cardboard is no exception, choosing to segregate your cardboard from your mixed waste and sign up to our cardboard collection service will save you money on your mixed waste collections and you can rest safe in the knowledge that you have divert waste from landfill.

Loose or in a Wheeled Bin

Regular Collection


Do I have to keep my cardboard dry?

We appreciate it if you can as it makes it easier to load into the dustcart, if it does get wet we will still collect it.

Do I have to flat pack my cardboard?

No, in most cases people flat pack smaller boxes into larger boxes that we can load straight into the dustcart.

Do you do one off collections?

Yes, please give us a call to discuss and arrange collection.

Is there a limit to how much cardboard I can put out?

No, as long as it doesn’t obstruct public accessways.

Do I have to remove the packaging tape?

No, but we cannot take boxes with polystyrene and bubble wrap.

* Please note that terms and conditons apply to our cardboard collection service

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